Guide Lines for Mens Suits

A suit, also known as a business suit, comprises a collection of matching clothing consisting of:

  • coat(commonly known as a jacket)
  • waistcoat(optional) (USA  vest)
  • For men, a pair of trousers(USA  pants),

Nothing says more about you than a stylish and well-cut business suit is the specialist. Mens for the collection of matching clothing.

The suit is the traditional outfit of the modern men, Although it is hard to see the outline of the modern business suit in the elaborate and brightly-colored court dress of the seventeenth century, the basic pattern outlined above has survived for more than four hundred years with some adjustments, notably the abandonment of wigs and knee breeches and the gradual disappearance of waistcoats and hats during the last fifty years.

What we call the modern suit was originally a nineteenth-century American innovation in dress: seeking a casual alternative to the long, heavy frock coats then considered appropriate business dress; men began to wear lighter coats cut just below the waist when not engaged in business. This “sack suit” would be worn for formal occasions by lower-class men and for casual occasions by upper-class men.

It was there that we learned to fit and measure and to select clothing for customers that accommodated their lifestyles simply by talking to them and finding out about their professions. Designing textiles is like playing jazz. It’s all variations on a theme. Have varieties of weaves and textures. It was during this tenure we understood the philosophy about the creativity of men’s wear at the mill level was reinforced. It is at the mills that one can experiment with fabricationcolortexture and weave to create lighter yet more durable clothing.


Double-breasted suits are always kept fully buttoned. For single-breasted suits, when standing, all buttons except for the bottom one are fastened. In the case of three-button suits with lapels that roll over the top button, the top button should not be fattened. Under no circumstances fasten the bottom-most button of a single-breasted suit jacket. To prevent “bunching,” the single-breasted jacket should be completely unbuttoned while the wearer is seated.

Tie – Ties should be darker than the wearer’s shirt. The bottom of the tie should just touch or just go over the top of the belt buckle. The shirt collar should not be the button-down variety, although this guideline is frequently ignored. It is also advised that all buttons of the shirt, including the top one are buttoned for a tidy appearance.

Acceptable colors for belt and shoes are brown and black. The belt and shoes should match one another. The belt’s buckle should be silver or gold. Other metallic objects worn with the suit (such as cuff links, tie bar, tie tack, and watch) should match the belt buckle. Where watches are concerned: the more formal the occasion, the thinner the watch. In the most formal situations, the watch should be kept in one’s pocket. Shoes should not have rubber soles. Rather, they should be made of leather. Some companies also make dress shoes with wooden soles.

Socks should match the pant leg. This makes the leg appear longer, as well as minimizes the notice ability of a too-short pant leg. If it is not possible to match the pant leg, socks may match one’s shoes. However, it is more correct to match the pants.

The classic conservative shirt colors are light blue or white. The classic conservative suit colors are navy blue, grey, and charcoal. Black has only recently gained acceptance as a suit color, and still is not considered particularly conservative. The most formal type of dress shirt worn with a standard suit is a shirt with French cuffs, which use cuff links (or the lesser known silk knots)to close, but this type of shirt is optional, and essentially up to the preferences of the wearer.


  • 2 Buttons Dress Suits 4/5 Buttons Dress Suits
  • Double Breasted Suit
  • 3B Wool Blend , 100% Wool, S120 Wool
  • 3 Buttons Real Italian Super 150 Wool Suits
  • Blazers and Sport coats
  • White/Off White Suits
  • Suit Separates
  • Fashion Zoot Suits
  • VESTED (3 Pieces Suits)
  • 1 Pleat / Flat Fronted Pants Suits


About Button in Mens Suits

Suits are available now in 1 button, 2 buttons, 3 buttons, 4 buttons, 6 buttons and more! So which do you button? Unless it?s a 1-button suit, never, ever, button the bottom button. This is for decoration. The bottom button is too low on your hip to button properly without making the jacket buckle and make it difficult to walk.

  • On a 2-button suit only the top button.
  • On a 3-button suit the top 2 or the middle 1.
  • On a 4-button suit button the top 3 or the middle 2.
  • 6 or more buttons?

Either leaves the coat open or button all but the lower   buttons placed where the coat begins to flair out near your hips.

Whether it is Pleats or Flat Front?    

Pleats are more comfortable, flat fronts are sleeker. Generally we are seeing younger customers begin to try flat fronts, often with a 2 button side vent suit. The majority of men are sticking with pleated front slacks. Forget about 3 and 4 pleat models, stick with 1 or 2 pleats.

Whether it is Cuffs or Plain Hem?

  1. Pleats = cuff (generally 1.75?), Flat front = straight hem. Exceptions: Tuxedos Never, Ever cuff a formal pant. Pleated pants may be finished with a plain cuff; however, they balance out better and hang better with the extra weight of the pant cuff.
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Useful Guide while buying Men’s Suits

There are many factors while buying men’s suit. It is important to note the no of times that you wear your suit, on what occasion you are going to wear etc. If you wear suits to work regularly then it would be advisable to have a more suits in your wardrobe. This allows rotation of your suits during the week. It is important that each suit can have at least one day?s rest after wearing to avoid it from wearing out fast. Many men’s suit also provides choice of trying out various styles and unusual colors for your suits. In contrast, having less number of suits in your wardrobe would mean that it is safer to keep the suits classic in designs and colors. Buying mens suit should be based on one that provides the best flexibility in combination to your way of life as well as frequency and occasions of wear. For instance, if you are buying men’s suit for attending certain evening function avoid wearing light colored suits. It would be advisable to buy darker shades for the night. And some good choices would be navy blue or charcoal gray ones.

Men’s Navy Blue Suits

You can look different each time through the right mix and match with dress shirts in a navy blue suit that can be worn quite often during the week. Navy blue generally has easy similarity with many basic colors like white, light blue, dark blue, gray and even purple dress shirts. These colors can be combined within any combination of patterns like check, fine stripes, bold stripes on the dress shirt and make your men?s navy blue suit look refreshing each time.

Mens Stripe Suits

Pinstripe Mens suits are well-known for its classic styling that is everlasting and certainly worth investing for the long time. Men?s Pinstripe Suits are fine line or stripe that can be straight or broken and runs vertically down the suit. Chalk stripe are like chalk drawn vertically on a suit. This suit is thicker than pinstripes suits. Chalk stripe suits can give a more elegant effect. In the meeting or gathering related to business or in financial industry the pinstripe and chalk stripe suits are worn very often and strongly favored by many business personalities. Needless to say, these two styles give an impression of someone professional with authoritative status. The stripes color of suits can be alter over the usual charcoal gray or a medium gray fabric to create a more stylish look.

Men’s Gray Suits

The sheds of gray suits are generally from dark gray to medium gray to charcoal gray. The shades of gray suits for both day and night as well as summer or winter wear. Gray suits projects an image of authority, stability, and professionalism. A popular fabric of choice for gray suits has been flannel. But when buying mens suit, we should consider possibility that suit can be worn year-round. So it would be advisable to have a lightweight worsted flatter gray suit instead of heavy woolen.

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