Top Fabrics Used for Mens Suit

The very first thing you need to decide upon is the fabric of the mens suit that you are going to buy. There are very few suiting fabrics that make the cut but the decision still remains complicated for most men. There are few factors that you should consider other than the feel of the fabric. If you are buying the mens suit for a specific occasion then note at what season the occasion falls on. Breathability is the most important characteristic of any fabric. For summers it is best to have fabrics that can easily circulate the air thus saving you from sweaty backs. The next thing to consider is the softness of the fabric. If you do not feel comfortable in the fabric while trying it on, chances are that you are going to ditch the mens suit after a single use. This is a absolute waste of both your money and the environment thus always stick with fabrics you feel comfortable in.


Wool is as far the most popular suiting fabric. This natural material is preferred since they can breathe well and  can be used almost all around the year since feel cool in day and warm at night. This fabric is the best for business suits since they would need a refined aesthetic. Some men who prefer lighter fabrics may ditch this fabric since they give a bulky look. There are many types of this fabric such as cashmere, worsted, tweed and flannel.


Cotton is the suiting fabric that is the most preferred option next to the wool. They are derived from plant fibres thus making it a natural material. They are lightweight and breathes well and hence are a popular choice in hotter months. The fabric is soft to touch but does not give the rich look of the wool. The fabric also tend to crumple easily thus it is better to go with heavy cotton if you want a formal wear. This fabric suits almost all body types and are the best for brighter seasons like summer and spring.


Linen is considered the ace of summer fabrics. They almost come to life with the advent of summer and you suddenly see almost all people wearing linen. This is because of the fact that linen is super lightweight and the material is conducting which means that they become cool to touch. They also absorb moisture and evaporates them faster than cotton which retains it for quite a long time. This means that you are free of excessive sweat and sticky backs. The only complaint that is often thrown on linen is that the fabric gets crumpled very easily making them unsuitable for the extremely formal mens suits. But the wrinkles give you a lived in comfortable look but if you do not like the look go for blends which considerably reduces the wrinkles. They are best for summer casual mens suits and for larger body types.


Polyester unlike the above fabrics is from synthetic materials and is considered to be of lower quality than the natural fabrics. They sometimes come in blends with natural fabrics this reducing the cost to a great level.  These fabrics do not breathe very well  and also wrinkle easily. These suits have a unnatural shine to them which can be seen as cheap. It is best for people who are thinking of getting a suit in low price sale but it is better to get them in blends of wool or cotton.


While the above said styles are the basic fabrics that are best for daily mens suits there are some luxury fabrics that looks the best for special occasions. Silk is one such fabric that are derived from insects. This fabric is breathable and is best for most seasons. They are also comfortable to wear but they have a sheen to it that gives them a rich look making them the best for special occasions.


Velvet is another fabric that is best to be worn for special occasions like award ceremonies and weddings. The texture of this fabric is very soft to touch and also looks very luxurious. This fabric is made by closely weaving fabrics of silk, cotton and nylon thus making it less breathable than pure silk. These two luxury fabrics are expensive than the normal ones and is better to be kept far away from office works since they are considered to be casual in mens suits.

Now that you know about the fabrics and which ones works the best for the various seasons now it is time to focus upon the details. Whether you are buying your mens suits in the nearby mens suits store or the online mens suits sites you will have to know the basic styles to select the one that suits your taste before getting or ordering it.

Best Mens Suits Jacket

The most noticeable part of your whole mens suit is your jacket. There are two main styles in jackets- single breasted and the double breasted styles. In Men’s 3 Piece Suits the single breasted jackets have a single row of buttons on the front and the flaps that are provided to permit buttoning. If you are getting your first mens suit then it is best to go with single breasted style since they are the most prevalent and versatile style that is easy to purchase.

Double Breasted Jackets

Double breasted jackets have two rows of buttons with some extra fabrics that are provided at the place of buttoning the jacket. This extra fabric gives a bulky feel and is best for colder months since they can keep you relatively warm. They are less familiar than the single breasted styles and are the best for the most formal events like business meetings and boardroom presentations since they radiate power. The mens suit jackets mostly have one or two rows of buttons. The single breasted style has buttons that ranges from one to four in number while the three and the two buttons are the most common. Traditional jacket styles usually have three buttons and if properly worn they can give you an illusion of added height. The V neck plunges deeper for casual mens suits while the formal ones have higher V necks. It is always better to leave the last button of the jacket left unbuttoned since they can offer you freedom of movement around the hips.

Two Button Jackets

Two button styles give a slimming effect since the v neck plunge show more of the shirt and the tie. The single button jackets are rare and are best for casual events. When it comes to double breasted mens suits they usually have four to six buttons on each side. This style should not be left unbuttoned while standing and only left open while sitting down.

Different Types of Lapels

The lapels on the mens suit jacket comes in different styles. The most famous styles of lapels are the notch lapels, peak lapels and the shawl collar. The first two styles are considered equally classic, peaked lapels are mostly seen in only double breasted jackets and are also seen as a little more formal style than the notched lapels. Incorporating the peak lapels into single breasted suit jackets is a great way to raise its formality to a great level. Shawl collars are the ones you will mostly see on the dinner jackets and the tuxedos. These collars are on the luxury side with them made with silk or satin. This style is the best for mens suits that you wear to fancy events like award events and weddings.

The details matter when it comes to buying mens suits like even the style of pockets. When you are getting it for a very formal event go with jetted pockets where the pocket is sewn into the jackets lining showing only the horizontal line on the outside. For a slightly less formal look it is best to go with flap pockets. They are similar to jetted pockets but have a flap sewn on the top of the pocket that covers its opening. The added benefit with this style is that when you let the flap inside the pocket they look just like jetted pockets. There are also other styles like patch pockets, ticket pockets and angled pockets. There are also other details to note like the vents and sleeve buttons on the jacket. When it comes to the trousers they should properly complement the outfit such that it naturally shifts the attention to the jacket and when downward to the shoes that it subtly flatters your legs. The fit of the mens  suits whether it be the jacket or the trousers it should be comfortable to keep them on for the whole day. For men on the bulkier side it is best to go with pleated trousers since they expand and give extra room when sitting down or bending. It is important that the fit should not be too tight at the crotch area or too loose at the backside. Again there are details to note like the trouser cuffs that you will need to consider before purchasing your mens suit.

Different Types of Ties

The tie of your mens suit if you choose to wear one should reach up to the top of the waistband of your trousers. There are different widths of ties and you should select it properly according to your body shape. Whether be ot the width of the lapels or the tie it is better to select it such that it complements the whole look. If you are on the bulkier side it is better to go with wider styles that match the overall build but if you are on the leaner side choose narrow ones.

Now knowing all the details the last thing is the fit of the mens suit. If you are going to buy mens suits from a mens suits store nearby or off rack sale it is better to try it on and check whether they feel comfortable to wear. If you are thinking of buying it a sale from online sites or online retailers then check out their size charts that come with the online websites. If you do not know your size then it is better to go to a local tailor and get your simple measurements done.

Different Types of Pants in Men Suits

If you wish to save more on clothing and on ironing, then dress pant is a great way to achieve it. A good dress pant can be worn many a times, and if you make certain that you buy a suit that doesn’t wrinkle easily, it can make best bet. You can turn your normal dress pant suit to an extraordinary suit just by changing your shirt and adding a few fashion accessories and wear it to anywhere you wish. Like designer suits, these dress pants do come in various colors, styles, patterns etc. In short, you are given a wide range of choices to choose one dress pant. You can use this dress pant as your nightwear too and utilize it for casual walks and jogs.

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Suits have always occupied a major place in the men’s fashion for a long time and continue to do so. This is because of the fact that for men, suits are the foolproof clothing that usually works well for most of the occasions regardless of them being formal or casual. Another added benefit of the suits is that they can styled to be dressed up or down thus making them appropriate to the event that are going to attend.

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